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Founder's Message:

A word from Dr. Pechman about R-mediSpa

Over the years I have worked for multispecialty clinics, solo practice and single specialty clinics as a dermatologist and have gained a wide range of experience caring for medical and surgical skin issues.  The focus of these practices was primarily disease abatement.  Often when the conditions were brought under control, there still seemed to be something missing.  There were times when the individual wanted to look better, feel better, or look a little younger, and fresher.  The aesthetic concerns were not easily managed in a medical setting and adequate time was just not there.

I felt that addressing this “feel good” component was not always possible in a demanding medical practice environment, but yet was an important but overlooked service to my clients. I first tried enhancing the medical practice with some aesthetics but found this to be confusing to the staff and patient.  It was difficult to transition from medical to cosmetic issues in the same setting.  I next developed the first Rejuvenessence Spa attached to the medical practice with greater success but still with difficulty for the staff and the client as well.  After several attempts and much planning, I designed and developed Rejuvenessence mediSpa from floor plan, to décor, to selection of excellent staff, services and retail products.  The goal was to provide a spectrum of high quality results driven products and services aimed at responding to the 3 R’s of R-mediSpa…  restoration, revitalization and rejuvenation.

Our organization tries to meet the 3 R’s approach in a serene, comforting environment of simplicity and elegance using accessories, color and lighting to highlight or accentuate our facility.  It is our experience that people with serious healthcare issues and people with concerns about aesthetics and maturation require different kinds of services, staff interactions and encounter environments to facilitate and maximize their experience and outcome.  As a dermatologist and as the founder of Rejuvenessence mediSpa, I feel that the separation into an appropriate service setting of those with illness seeking health and those with health seeking enhancement can be best achieved in a coordinated approach in a setting consistent with the desired goals.

At R-mediSpa, our business is the aesthetic side of care.  But clearly, there can be a fine line of distinction between healthcare and disease abatement, and “healthy care” and rejuvenation.  We will continue to grow our aesthetic business and expand the menu of services and opportunities to be your aesthetic provider and partner.  We recognize that while we are providing these services to you, issues of troubled health and disease management may and probably will arise.  Since we do not treat medical and surgical healthcare issues in the spa, we have partnered with Wisconsin’s largest and premier dermatology organization, which does specialize in the medical and surgical care of your skin.  When the needs of your skin go beyond the aesthetic services we offer, we highly recommend and will help refer you to the Dermatology Associates of Wisconsin.

We will continue to develop our business to better serve your aesthetic needs and hope that R-mediSpa and its staff will become youR-mediSpa.

Kenneth J. Pechman, MD, PhD

A Message from Dr. Kenneth Katz

Kenneth Katz, MD- Dermatology Associates of Wisconsin

As an independent dermatology practice with over 30 years of experience, Dermatology Associates of Wisconsin prides itself on the latest technology and treatment protocols for optimal surgical and treatment outcomes for the diseases of the skin, hair, and nails. The practice is widely respected for our medical and surgical treatments. As much as we'd like to offer patients a wide range of cosmetic services, it isn't always feasible in the fast -paced medical practice setting. With that being said, we recognize the growing need for cosmetic dermatology and support the direction and goals of Rejuvenessence mediSpa. It gives us great pleasure to have partnered with Rejuvenessence mediSpa who goes beyond the medical services we offer to better serve the aesthetic needs of both our patients and the clients of the spa. We highly recommend and will continue to refer our patients to R-mediSpa.

Dr. Kenneth Katz

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