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Facial Devices

  • NuFACE- FDA approved handheld Microcurrent Device

Harness the power of Micro-current to tone facial muscle, create lift, and sculpt your face! This handheld device allows you to help erase the look of fine lines and wrinkles and realize long term effects with just minutes a day all within the comforts of your own home! Increase collagen, elasticity and GAGs to give you the youthful plump look of yester year. (What are GAGs you may ask? GAG stands for Glycosaminoglycans. It’s the viscous material in which the skin’s proteins are embedded- think of the nice plump cheek of a baby-that’s GAGs). The device emits a positive and a negative current via two probes. When the probes are placed on the face, a circuit of current travels from one point to the other and stimulates the tissue in between. Don’t worry, it’s painless because the current is sub-sensory which means all you feel is the gliding of the rods and perhaps a slight tingle every great once in awhile. Instantly increase circulation fir that glowy, plump, but not puffy look. Continue to see Results as they are cumulative. Great adjunct treatment for maintenance after our skin tightening procedures!

  • Clarisoninc Sonic Skin Cleansing Brushes

From the makers of the Sonic care toothbrush comes the Clairisonic. Sixty seconds of 300 sonic movements per second  is all it takes to ultra cleanse, clear pores and micro massage your skin. Remove 6 times as much make up, prepare skin for better product absorption, reduce oily areas and dry skin patches and blemishes and help to reduce the appearance of visible pores.

  • Clarisonic Opal

The Clarisonic Opal provides sonic infusion of skin care to noticeably diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles as well as puffiness. Use with the Opal Sea Serum, or your own eye creams or serums.



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