Body Contouring

Our Accent™ Body Contouring treatment uses the only system on the market with two individual types of radio frequency technology: Unipolar and Bipolar, to create a targeted heat therapy treatment to heat the dermis and subcutaneous tissue, or inner layer, of your skin to fight wrinkles and reshape any bulges or sagging skin on your body. This unique dual radio frequency technology provides controlled volumetric tissue heating to two distinct depths of tissue. As the dermis is heated, a natural reaction occurs that promotes the creation of new collagen smoothing and tightening the look of your skin and the dual layer technology allows for greater results. The Bipolar module focuses on the surface layer of the skin, while the Unipolar module penetrates further for deep dermal thermotherapy. The Bipolar treatment is well suited for areas where the skin is thinner and more delicate- greater for toning thin, loose and crepe-like skin often found on the aging face, neck and under the upper arms.

The Unipolar treatment generates alternating electromagnetic fields that cause friction and heating in the deeper tissues, which leads to improvements in overall shaping and firmness. Taken together, these dual-layer treatments can create dramatic change without the need for invasive surgery.


Here’s how it works:

The energy generated by the radio frequencies causes reorganization in the cellular environment and stimulates your cells to release toxins, drain retained fluids and produce new collagen. This heat causes blood circulation to increase and connective tissue shrinkage improving your skin’s contour and texture, giving you that toned firm look. It can be used anywhere on the body and can help to flatten your stomach, slim your hips and thighs and tone your upper arms. It is also excellent for firming skin on the post-surgical or postnatal abdomen or thighs.


During the procedure, your provider will use the Accent™ system to precisely heat the tissue just within your skin’s inner layer (dermis). Following each treatment, you can immediately resume all routine activities. You may notice a slight redness, which should disappear in less than 24 hours. Dual-layer RF Thermotherapy causes the deep structures of your skin to tighten right away; results are immediately visible. With time, new collagen develops, further tightening your skin and yielding even more beautiful, natural looking and firmer skin. Pain tolerance is subjective, but most people tolerate Dual-layer RF Thermotherapy well and have little or no discomfort. Patients often describe the sensation as a “warm massage.” The risk of significant side effects is extremely low. Best of all, dual-layer RF Thermotherapy Accent™ Body Contouring can be performed to treat loose, wrinkled skin anywhere on the body. While just one or two treatments can produce good results, your provider may recommend follow-up procedures to best maintain and improve your body’s youthful appearance. Generally, six treatments scheduled at three-week intervals will deliver the best result. Maintenance of or further improvement can be seen with appropriate dietary selections and modest exercise.