At Rejuvenessence mediSpa we use the JuVaShape™ platform to offer a series of modalities.  JuVaShape™ technology offers non-invasive radio frequency technology that can deliver concentrated thermal energy to renew, revitalize and refresh the body and face as well as both hot and cold ultrasound that works to destroy fat cells.

JuVaShape™ Technology treats multiple indications with multiple modalities including:

  • Cellulite – Making a beautiful impression has never been easier by utilizing a combination of RF energy, mechanical massage and ultrasound to treat cellulite and adipose.
  • Wrinkles & Rhytids – Treating wrinkles and rhytids with deep or superficial RF energy gives patients the confidence they need and visible results.
  • Uneven Skin Texture – Uneven skin texture can be smoothed out and balanced using focused microablative RF needling technology on all skin types.

Patented technology allows for focused, safe and deep heating of tissue at various depths of penetration. This technology operates via a single electrode delivering concentrated RF energy that reaches deeper layers of the skin with minimal discomfort and no downtime.

 So, what’s happening underneath the skin?

With respect to the RF feature, the concentrated radio frequency energy is transmitted directly into the tissue causing a rapid rotation of water molecules. In other words, the water in your cells becomes very busy. The rotation and vibration of these molecules generates heat and friction and causes volumetric contraction as well as controlled damage to stimulate your body to repair and produce new collagen. Water consumption is important before and after this treatment as the more hydrated you are the more of a target the technology has. Patients should be well-hydrated several days prior to this treatment for best outcomes.

With respect to the Ultrasound feature, the ultrasound technology uses soundwaves to break up fat cells. Picture waves crashing onto a shoreline of rocks. Over time the waves wear away parts of the rocks, which then get washed out to sea and disposed of. The JuVaShape™ technology uses both hot and cold ultrasound (sound waves) to crash into your “shoreline of rocks” ( its your fat cells or adipose tissue). Over the course of a series of treatments  the fat cells break down and wear away. The adipose tissue( fat cells)  then get “washed” out or excreted from the body over the course of the next several days and weeks.

Water consumption is important before and after this treatment as the more hydrated the faster the busted adipose “washes” out of your system.


Skin Tightening